Influence of water on the elastic modulus of paper

TitleInfluence of water on the elastic modulus of paper
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsS Zauscher, DF Caulfield, and AH Nissan
JournalTappi Journal
Start Page214
Pagination214 - 223
Date Published01/1997

In Part I, an extension of the theory of hydrogen-bond-dominated solids was proposed. In Part 2, the predictions of the extended theory are tested statistically using recently reported measurements of elastic moduli for 24 papers over a wide range of moisture contents. Moduli were reported both quasi-statically and ultrasonically. Statistical analysis shows that the effect of moisture in lowering the elastic modulus of paper is greater when the modulus is measured quasi-statically. The rate of decrease in the logarithm of modulus with moisture content when measured sonically is about 75% of the rate of decrease measured quasi-statically. The ratio of the two measured moduli for an isotropically equivalent paper is statistically indistinguishable from a ratio obtained from measurements of the effectiveness of water in reducing these elastic moduli. This supports one of the new predictions of the extended H-bond theory proposed in Part I.

Short TitleTappi Journal