Quantitative biological surface science: challenges and recent advances.

TitleQuantitative biological surface science: challenges and recent advances.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsF Höök, B Kasemo, M Grunze, and S Zauscher
JournalAcs Nano
Start Page2428
Pagination2428 - 2436
Date Published12/2008

Biological surface science is a broad, interdisciplinary subfield of surface science, where properties and processes at biological and synthetic surfaces and interfaces are investigated, and where biofunctional surfaces are fabricated. The need to study and to understand biological surfaces and interfaces in liquid environments provides sizable challenges as well as fascinating opportunities. Here, we report on recent progress in biological surface science that was described within the program assembled by the Biomaterial Interface Division of the Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces and Processes (www.avs.org) during their 55th International Symposium and Exhibition held in Boston, October 19-24, 2008. The selected examples show that the rapid progress in nanoscience and nanotechnology, hand-in-hand with theory and simulation, provides increasingly sophisticated methods and tools to unravel the mechanisms and details of complex processes at biological surfaces and in-depth understanding of biomolecular surface interactions.

Short TitleAcs Nano