Zauscher Lab

The Zauscher lab research lies at the intersection of surface and colloid science, polymer materials engineering, and biointerface science. These broad inquiries deal with fundamental behaviors of soft-wet materials on surfaces and interfaces.

Current projects include:

(1) fabrication, manipulation, and characterization of stimulus-responsive biomolecular and bio-inspired polymeric nanostructures on surfaces;
(2) nanomechanics of soft-wet materials and hybrid biological/non-biological microdevices;
(3) interaction of proteins with lipid membranes in the context of HIV-1;
(4) the role of glycoproteins in boundary lubrication of cartilage.

Recent Publications:

Gonzales, Gavin, Jiaul Hoque, Anna Gilpin, Biswanath Maity, Stefan Zauscher, and Shyni Varghese. “Branched poly-l-lysine for cartilage penetrating carriers.” Bioeng Transl Med 9, no. 3 (May 2024): e10612.

Malmsten, M., and S. Zauscher. “Innovations in colloid and interface science: Revolutionizing antimicrobial therapeutics.” Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science 70 (April 1, 2024).

Zauscher, Stefan, Y. I. C. H. E. N. G. ZHAO, Zehra Parlak, Wenjun Yu, Daniel French, and Wilkins Aquino. “Microfluidic QCM enables ultrahigh Q-factor: a new paradigm for in-liquid gravimetric sensing.” Research Square Platform LLC, January 5, 2024.